Online Certified Child Care Professional Program

This online program allows you to train to care for children, from infants to school age. You’ll be poised to find employment and a career as certified child care professional, with online courses giving you a solid understanding of the needs of children at all stages. Use your certificate in child care to find a job or start your child care programs.

Certified Child Care Professional

Get an affordable, recognized online Child Care diploma and
employment as a certified child care professional today

As a Certified Child Care Professional, you’ll experience the practical and emotional benefits of enjoying your work and having purpose and pride in your work, knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. With your CCCP course training, you’ll find yourself in demand and have the opportunity to do many different things with your career, including working in education and training, or starting your own business as a self-employed child care professional.

Earning a Child Care Professional certificate can be expensive and restrictive. But with CCS Academy’s Certified Child Care Professional program, you can enroll at any time, train online, study at home, and work through the course at your own pace!

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This academic program covers information in the following subject areas:

Module 1: Families and Child Care
Module 2: Your Role in Child Care
Module 3: Child Growth and Development
Module 4: Understanding Infants
Module 5: Understanding Toddlers
Module 6: Understanding Preschoolers
Module 7: Understanding School Age Children
Module 8: Operating an Early Childhood Program
Module 9 Providing an Appropriate Environment
Module 10: Keeping Children Safe
Module 11: Promoting Good Health
Module 12: Handling Schedules and Routines
Module 13: Food for Young Children
Module 14: Developing Professional Skills
Module 15: Guiding Children
Module 16: Learning Through Observation
Module 17: Curriculum Planning for Preschoolers
Module 18: Art Activities
Module 19: Language Activities
Module 20: Dramatic Play Activities
Module 21: Social Studies Activities
Module 22: Music and Movement Activities
Module 23: Science and Math Activities
Module 24: Activities for Active Play
Module 25: Infant Care Programs
Module 26: Caring for Toddlers
Module 27: Caring for School Age Children
Module 28: Caring for Children with Special Needs
Module 29: Finding Employment in Child Care
Module 30: Growing as a Professional

Internship 350 hours and Full Program 1100 hours inclusive of the 350 Internship hours.

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