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Certified Caregivers/PSWs play a vital role in helping seniors.

Studies show that seniors do far better when they’re able to remain in their own homes. Having access to affordable qualified caregivers such as the CPSWs allows individuals to live in community and stay independent.

As the demand for in-home and institutional health care is increasing there is a critical shortage of front line health care providers for in-home and institutional care.  There are vocational opportunities to work looking after seniors. It is a rewarding career opportunity.

Student Spends 3 years in College with a 30,000 debt. Student finds employment with online home study program while working in a Profession she loves for 2,500.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to do my schooling online and still go to work full-time. I was able to do it at a pace that worked best for me. I think they should offer more online courses for people like me, that work two jobs just to keep up to life’s crazy expectations. People should never be penalized for wanting to better themselves as people as well as educating themselves in a career path of their choice.



Fact Sheets for all our International and National Certified Personal Support Worker Programs.

Amendments to Ontario Regulation 79/10 under the Long Term Homes Act, 2007.

CCS Volunteering is a sub-branch of CCS CARE CO . It is a unique initiative that encourages members to “Pay It Forward” and help other people whatever your country.