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Volunteer in Owen Sound
Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community – to “pay it forward.”

There’s tremendous power and positive energy in giving. “Pay it forward” care is about all people, all ages, from all walks of life giving to someone else and making a positive difference.

And as you help other people, you also help yourself.

How volunteering helps you

Employers want workers who have workplace experience. Your volunteer experience shows them that you can manage your time, complete your tasks, get along with others, and make a commitment. And your volunteer record can demonstrate that you have the attitudes and skills they’re looking for in a potential employee.

  • Volunteering gives you experience in the marketplace.
  • Volunteering helps you develop workplace skills.
  • And volunteering helps you build on skills you already have, while learning new ones.

Whether you’re 18 or 84, you can benefit and grow from volunteering. We volunteer our hours to help you match your gifts, talents and skills; help you learn something new; and create a Volunteer window for you.

We can help you assess your skills, gifts and abilities, and help you find a volunteer experience that will give you satisfaction and help you learn new skills.

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Six ways businesses can encourage volunteering

  1. Enable employees to help support a “charity by choice” by offering services that might be of value.
  2. Launch a departmental challenge in which departments compete to make a big, positive contribution to the community.
  3. Provide funds for teams to make a difference in the community. Each team can then present their results at the yearly conference or awards evening.
  4. Donate much-needed funds to your favorite charity.
  5. Become a supporter/sponsor for “pay it forward” care and enable us to make a difference on an even greater scale.
  6. The possibilities are endless as to the difference each organization can make. “Paying it forward” can also attract positive publicity for your organization, which is priceless when attracting and retaining loyal customers.

Why do we volunteer?

Our values support anyone who is giving or serving others. We know that serving helps us grow while giving us a sense of belonging. As people serve locally or around the world, the impact has the power to change lives. We want to help you find your Volunteer Window serving others to maximize your skills and abilities. Serving opportunities are as diverse as our culture. Email us: We are here to help you to serve others.