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Education is changing. So are we. We can make the science of learning work for you outside of the classroom — at home and in the workplace. We offer online career planning, education and workplace training for ages 18 to 84. Our unique approach to learning has proven itself over 25 years, and it has met the toughest assessment possible – performance on the job!

Choose from more than 600 specially created online courses in computers, office skills, self-development, business, health and more. Learn at a time, place and pace that suits your needs. CCS provides courses and services that are designed to meet the life-long learning and employment needs of the workplace.

Seniors in business have the wisdom, initiative, skills, and experience. Our e-learning courses help entrepreneurs and older workers find meaningful work in business.



As a social entrepreneur and educator, I have travelled to many communities and set up classrooms for learning in Canada, the United States, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Philippines, India, St Vincent, Guyana, Guangzhou and China. These programs empower adult learners to advance or change their careers, learn new skills, or gain employment. Building confidence with education, training in business, and health care is the cornerstone of career success.

Many years ago, I struggled as an adult student with finances, time, transportation, and family. And as I began to develop programs for adult and senior students, I found these same barriers. Now, online studies let you learn at home and get the degree you have always wanted. CCS Care Academy offers home study and career training programs that can lead to increased self-esteem, earning potential, better job opportunities, and a more secure future – all at an affordable price.

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