Community Care Solutions – support for seniors in Grey-Bruce

CCS is an advisory, advocacy and consulting service for care and ageing. Our clients are seniors looking for independent direction; professional services on moving; setting up home care with qualified PSWs and home care support; advocating and navigating the health care system; managing the paperwork; and resolving conflicts.

If you’re a senior living in the Grey-Bruce, Owen Sound area, CCS can help you volunteer, learn a language, welcome you to a new neighbourhood, orient you towards a new career, or help you become a senior entrepreneur.

We can help you stay in your home or navigate the shift to retirement or nursing home living. We help you plan your short-term and long-term retirement living. And we can help you find the care and the housing you need in the Owen Sound area.

Maybe you’ve arrived in a new community, and you’re unsure of how to carve out a happy, healthy retirement in Grey-Bruce counties. Maybe you’ve lost a partner and you’re dealing with grief.

Talking and interacting with others; volunteering; taking a course; or planning your next steps for housing, care, or healthy living can help you through a difficult stage of your life.

If you’re active and independent, it’s important to note that the average age life expectancy for men in Canada is 78 years, and for women it is 81 years. Women outlive men and the key to a happy, healthy retirement is maintaining physical, mental, social and spiritual life. CCS can help you through the stress of losses as you age.

Ageing can bring illness and health challenges, including chronic diseases. While most ailments can be managed with medication and lifestyle adjustments, a health crisis may occur at any time for a senior. Caregiving takes a toll on any caregiver, and support is often needed to avoid the stress of caring for a loved one. Access to a Certified Caregiver/PSW can be a solution of care for the entire family.

We are advocates for senior issues and here to help seniors in Grey-Bruce and Owen Sound with support and services

A typical engagement involves a needs assessment, care plan creation, and implementation, and can require 10 to 40 hours of work. We provide convenience, confidentiality, and security, and can assist you in planning for your needs as a senior in the Owen Sound, Grey-Bruce area.

Community Care Solutions is the management company for Abigail Non-Profit Care and Residences, where you can belong to a unique community for under $200,000, with monthly fees of less than $500. You can own a home, own a co-housing unit, rent a room, or share a home.

Discover many affordable alternatives for housing and rent, including creative senior housing options to accommodate the growing number of single seniors. Co-housing, intergenerational housing and a collective of community options of high-tech enterprises and senior entrepreneurs are available.

To learn more about how you can enjoy advocacy, care, and active community living, contact Call 519-376-7396.

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